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Become a Happier and More Peaceful You

 Most people live in a constant state of stress and anxiety, and it feels very frustrating.

My book and online meditation program helps you feel calmer, peaceful and happier.  

Everyone wants.. a meaningful life that makes you feel calm and happy with who you are becoming.


The problem is.. that you continuously experience hidden blocks and it makes you behave counterproductive causing you to feel stressed, anxious and frustrated. 


I got tired of seeing people getting wiped out by these blocks and developed a process in which you can experience a meaningful life and actually feel calm and happy with who you are becoming. 


To experience this, simply:

  1. Order and read my book "The Timeout Effect" so you can learn about the block.

  2. Enroll in my 21 day meditation course so you can start doing the work of clearing the block.

  3. Send me an Email at telling me how your life was transformed through the program. 








If you do... you will be amazed at how calm and happy you feel and about who you have become.


Don’t let the block continue to cause unnecessary suffering in your life.

Order The Timeout Effect today!

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When I heard about Diana's program my first reaction was: "What can be so different? Then my interest grew quickly and I made a commitment to try it out. I appreciated the intro and loved the first meditation. I responded well to how Diana explained her method step by step. She has a wonderful spirit, a lovely voice and a lot of knowledge on mindfulness and the effect of meditation. I finally hold a space in my day for this practice and see the positive changes.

Hilde Wiemann, Family Coach

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Lessons With Diana

Diana will personally teach you practical tools that empower you in 4 private online sessions. 

✔ 1- 1 hour session to learn tools

✔ 3 - 30 minute sessions to practice

✔ All sessions within 2 weeks

All for just €100 


  90% OFF 

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Touch to reveal surprise!

$245.00  $14.99

bonuses included in book

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