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Get a Step-by-Step Plan to Feeling Calmer, Happier and focused. Ensure you win the day 

 An Online Course to Help You

Master Stress and Feel Great

 Experience The Timeout Effect  

Powered by WinterMeditation 

 Masterclass is $79.98

Satisfaction Guaranteed
On-Demand Course
Stress Reliving Secrets 
Done-With-You Program

If you can't confidently manage your stress, it will cost you.

  • You'll make poor life decisions that could be avoided

  • You'll lose productive time due to brain fog

  • You will lose money in medical bills due to stress 

  • Your relationships will be half as fulfilling as they should be

  • You'll constantly feel frustrated even when you meet your goals

  • You won't feel happy with how your life if going

There is too much at stake for you to not become a pro at managing stress. This course makes it easy for you to become one.

Meet Your Guide

Diana Winter has helped thousands of people and organizations be more productive and happier just by managing stress. Now she is teaching her revolutionary Timeout technique to you. In this new course, Diana with help you understand the effects of stress on the body, and how to reverse its effects and build a thriving life with less effort and more ease.   

 Masterclass is $79.98

You Have Too Much at Stake to Not

Become a Master at Managing Stress

Get access to the course


Learn the simple Timeout framework


Live a calmer, peaceful and happier life


''My benefits from the Winter Meditation course has been so many. It made me a more loving and peaceful person. I was able to forgive myself and others when I thought it was impossible.''



Teacher -Ukraine

"I was suffering from daily anxiety and nothing I tried worked for me, until I discovered Diana's program. These days I feel more peaceful and calm. I highly recommend her program because it is so simple to follow and it works!" 

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Fortune W.

President of KWF

When I heard about Diana's program my first reaction was: "What can be so different? Then my interest grew quickly. She has a wonderful spirit, a lovely voice and a lot of knowledge on mindfulness and the effect of meditation. I finally practice and see the positive changes.

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Hilde W.

Generational Healing

Why Do a Few People Excel in Stressful Situations and Others Do Not?

It turns out they are doing a few simple things that effectively transforms how they respond to stress. And you can do it too.

You see, everyone wants a meaningful life that makes them feel calm and happy with who they are becoming.


The problem is that they continuously experience hidden blocks that causes them to behave counterproductive which leads to feeling stressed, anxious and frustrated. 


I got tired of seeing people getting wiped out by these blocks and developed a process in which you can experience a meaningful life and actually feel calm and happy with who you are becoming. 


You become a master at managing stress.

If you do... you will be amazed at how calm and happy you feel and about who you have become.


Don’t let the block continue to cause unnecessary suffering in your life.

 Masterclass is $79.98

What do I get with the course? 
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21 paradigm shifting videos
A stress management framework that boosts your confidence
Real life techniques that are effective and help you win 
We practice the techniques together to guarantee your success
Assessment to help you measure progress

A 21 Day Masterclass

(Beginner friendly) 

 Masterclass is $79.98

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Discover 18 Unknown Secretes That Help You Master Stress

when you order my new book, The Timeout Effect.

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  (Total Retail Value of $249.00)

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Only $14.99!

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