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Everything You Need to Know to Beat Stress and Feel Great: Daily Practice Included


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Can This Book Save You More Time And Money Then Seeing A Psychologist?

Life is complex. Often we are hit by unexpected events that goes beyond our control, and when we lose control life is suffering. It's not fair you worked so hard to balance work and family life to still get wiped out by stress.  

The Timeout Effect will teach you everything you need to know to regain control, build stress resilience and feel confident again. Don't Let suffering rob you of the joy life can bring. 

You don't need a degree in Psychology to feel in control. You just need a 'Timeout'. 

Read about the science in the Timeout effect



Discover how to use the timeout technique

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Meet Your Guide

Diana Winter has helped thousands of people and organizations be more productive and happier just by managing stress. Now she is teaching her revolutionary Timeout technique to you. In this book, Diana with help you understand the effects of stress on the body, and how to reverse its effects and build a thriving life with less effort and more ease. 

When You Get This Amazon Best Seller... 

Here Are 18 Secrets You'll Discover Inside Part #1

  • Secret #1: How stress effects the body. The damage impact stress produces  while the body is in a stress response and how it impacts your thinking and behavior!

  • Secret #2: What habits are created by stress. Identifying counterproductive behavior caused by stressed when trying to start new habits or pursue your most important goals! 

  • Secret #3: Why you perceive certain situations as stressful or a threat and others don't. Understand why your mental and emotional roadmap! 

  • Secret #4: What causes you to feel stressed in the first place. The science behind a stress response.

  • Secret #5: Why western medicine doesn’t solve the problem, why you should consider using holistic alternatives instead! 

  • Secret #6: The origins of the block and its damaging effects it has in our self-esteem, in our relationships, and how we want to live a meaningful life! 

​ ​​

  • Secret #7: What is the solution to clearing the block that limits progress in all areas of life (in business, relationships, and family life!)


  • Secret #8: The science behind the timeout method, all its components, and how they work together to creating a life of progress!


  • Secret #9: Why the timeout works (all the areas it is proven to be effective, along with case studies from clients!)


  • Secret #10: What internal transformation must happen before experiencing the benefits of self help programs, that most people are not talking about causing so much frustration, and how to make it a reality for you! 


  • Secret #11: What often limits efforts to change and progress and why the most important things to you feels so hard to accomplish!


  • Secret #12: How experiences/memories impacts decisions, particularly under stress and why it is so hard to follow through with important self-commitments! 


  • Secret #13: Why distractions come easily! Why you frequently avoid pursuing your goals and dreams even if you do not do it intentionally.


  • Secret #14: Why changing habit alone does not work. Most people focus on changing habits alone, but you will learn why habits alone is not effective and why you previously failed to start new habits. 


  • Secret #15:  The importance of gut feelings, and why you often ignore it and play it safe when moments of destiny are right in front of you (and you ignore your intuition!)​​


  • Secret #16: 11 powerful strategies and techniques to overcome counter-productivity and accomplish your goals, experience better relationships and enhance your performance


  • Secret #17: How to break free of what holds you back from experiencing real healing and do it yourself, without relying on anyone else to feel safe and happy!


  • Secret #18: How to change effortless. Learn a new way of experiencing progress without forcing and fighting through challenges! 

What People Are Saying...

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Part #2: The Three MC technique

11 Principles of personal leadership and techniques for progress.

  • Principle #1: How to navigate circumstances in life and not be limited by external influences. 


  • Principle #2: How to activate the body’s natural healing response and bring instant release in moments of stress, anxiety, fear or panic.


  • Principle #3: How to instantly change your emotional state which dictates our decisions and actions, from fear and anxiety to feeling calm and in control. 


  • Principle #4: How to create the best version of you, shifting from impulsive decision making to a life centered on responsible higher values to produce a meaningful life.


  • Principle #5: Increase focus, concentration and decision making.


  • Principle #6: Process emotion better and gain clarity


  • Principle #7: Gain better self-connection, authenticity, self esteem and inner peace


  • Principle #8: Be more empathetic. Respond better in your relationships and cultivate more trust.


  • Principle #9: Improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being by strengthening immunity and increasing cognitive performance.


  • Principle #10: The secret to life and happiness


  • Principle #11: How to manifest your dreams. No it's not magic, it is science (you just need to learn the tools and technique!)

Part #3: The Daily Practice

 Three powerful techniques

  • Technique #1: How to make your daily timeout practice successful.


  • Technique #2: How to navigate life cycles correctly.


  • Technique #3: Mental detox- the health and unhealthy way to navigate through it when you reach a block and are tempted to quit.  

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